Redmi Note 4 Full Review: Beast At Your Budget


After the Redmi Note 3 which is considered as a super-budget smartphone, Mi continues to grab far more attention from its customers by releasing Redmi Note 4.

Redmi Note 4 is a hot-cake in the smartphone market right now with its competitors Huawei Honor 6X and Coolpad Note 4. Even with this kind of heavy competition Redmi Note 4 is still most preferred smartphone among its rivals.

Redmi Note 4 Full review

What makes Redmi Note 4 more preferable? And is it worth buying while comparing it with its competitors?

Well, I will try to cover all the questions about Redmi Note 4 in this full review. So here it goes.


  1. Metallic build
  2. 1920*1080P Display with 401 PPI
  3. 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras
  4. Octa-core Snapdragon 625 with Cortex A53 cores
  5. 2GB/16GB, 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB
  6. 4100 mAh Battery
  7. Hybrid sim slot and memory expandable up to 128GB
  8. IR Blaster

Redmi Note 4 Full Review


While considering the design of Redmi Note 4, it is quite similar to Redmi Note 3 with the metallic build but it is quite good to hold and feel solid in hand.

Redmi Note 4 has curved sides and it feels far better in hand than Redmi Note 4 but still it feels bigger for some people but in my opinion, it’s good considering the battery size.

It feels lightweight than it looks. Mi also did some symmetry thing by centering the micro USB in the bottom to get it symmetrical with camera and fingerprint scanner to deliver an excellent design language for the smartphone. The speaker is now at the bottom and bit louder than Redmi Note 3.

Overall you will be happy with the build quality. 🙂


Redmi Note 4 has 2.5D curved display which is good and Mi didn’t mention about the type of glass they are using. Due to this curved display, the display look gorgeous and colors are vivid.

Redmi Note 4 improved its display quality a bit than Redmi Note 3 but it is not the best 1080p display at this price. Even though all colors seems clear and punchy, I felt the display has some yellowish tint which is very less but still noticeable.

I also found that at the top of the display you will see the light leaking from the top which I never noticed on any other device. I think most people won’t notice that and is negligible.

It is to be noted that now the Redmi Note 4 display is brighter than Redmi Note 3 and you will be getting a better display than its predecessor.


Redmi Note 4 has an improved camera when we compare it with Redmi Note 3. It can take good shots in outdoor lighting conditions and focus is faster as it has PDAF which is really good.

The images took with HDR mode are impressive in outdoor lighting but it looks artificial in indoors.

Redmi Note 4 has a 13MP CMOS rear camera with pixel 1.12μm which is 0.12μm bigger than Redmi Note 4 which resulted in absorption of more light with the increase pixel size and it did a great job in outdoors.

5MP Front facing the camera in Redmi Note 4 is not that impressive. All images taken from indoor and outdoor light are just ok with some disturbance in images and look artificial to me mostly in indoors and even over exposes details and fails.

The rear camera has done a great job in indoor and outdoor while considering the color accuracy. Colors are too close to accurate and I can say its better than Moto G4 Plus in indoors regarding color accuracy. Though, the indoor shots have a lot of noise.

Coming to videos, it’s good in focus but not the best and it has no software or hardware type of stabilization. So, you need to move without shaking your hands too much.

In my opinion, the camera is improved but it still needs more brush up to be in competition in the camera department.

Below are some shots were taken in outdoors with HDR and without HDR.

Below are some shots were taken in indoors with HDR and without HDR.


Redmi Note 4 is powered by snapdragon 625 chip which has a FinFET technology which is power efficient. The same kind of technology is used in Snapdragon 820 and it also reduces the heating of the device.

Considering my day-to-day usage, the performance is smooth and I didn’t noticed any lag while using the device. The device is not getting hotter even after playing some games and playing games on it’s also good with snapdragon 825.

Although you need to opt for 3GB/32GB variant or 4GB/64GB variant and I recommend you to don’t opt for a 2GB/16GB variant of Redmi Note 3 because of the heavy MIUI skin its taking lot of RAM. On an average, I used to see only 1.4GB free out 3GB RAM which is not that great but you never notice any issues in terms of performance.


This is where Redmi Note 4 excels. It has huge 4100 mAh battery which is quite bigger than Redmi Note 3 but you will be surprised with its battery life.

I’m getting 3 days of battery life with mixed usage by using both Wi-Fi and 4G andIi got a screen-on-time (SOT) of 6 hours with 39% charge left which is really insane in my opinion.

I was really surprised that i didn’t charge the phone for three days and still i have ample amount battery left.

This huge improvement of battery life is only possible with usage of snapdragon 625 which has FinFET technology. This technology will help reduce the power leakage and makes it consume less power and transistor are smaller than a regular one.

Battery life on Redmi Note 4Screen on time on Redmi Note 4


  1. Metallic build
  2. 2.5D curved display
  3. Insane battery life
  4. No heating issues
  5. Value for money


  1. Average camera
  2. Yellowish tint in display
  3. No Gorilla glass protection

Final Verdict

Redmi Note 4 is a total worth for your money which packs decent features even at this price and provide solid build quality and performance. You will never disappoint if you plan to buy this device but if your preference is more on camera then I won’t recommend this instead you can go with Honor 6X or Moto G4 Plus in my opinion otherwise its a perfect smartphone for most of the people.

   Buy Redmi Note 4


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